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Hi, I’m Coach Joel. Sisu Multisport and Endurance is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities realize their potential and achieve their goals, whether it’s finishing their first 5k or setting an Ironman PR. Finding the right coach is an important step towards maximizing your potential as an athlete. A good coach provides guidance, structure, support, and motivation as well as gives you the freedom to focus your time and energy on training, racing, and recovering rather than planning. A coach can offer even the most experienced athlete a new perspective, scientific knowledge, nutritional expertise, and psychological support. For the more experienced or competitive athletes, a coach can be an objective voice of reason to help you avoid over-thinking, over-training, and potential injury. So whether you’re just getting started in endurance sports or a seasoned veteran, Sisu Multisport & Endurance can help take you to the next level.


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Recover and rebuild!!!!
Did your training getting you the results you wanted in 2017?  Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels not seeing progress?  Don’t keep beating yourself into the ground hoping something will change. We all need some time to recover from the racing season and shake off the fatigue. Consider letting an experienced coach take on the burden of planning and evaluating your training.  Sometimes guidance from an objective third party is all it takes to get things on the right track.  Think long term investment in your future as a triathlete and start planning for a fantastic 2018 by getting in touch with Coach Joel to discuss options.  TRAIN SMARTER…RACE FASTER!!!


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