Stella Knight

Stella-Knight1Doing triathlons was a dream come true for me. I had thought about trying them about 10 years ago, but life got in the way. When I decided to get serious and try a triathlon – I decided getting a coach would be a good investment. At 42, I could bike, but swimming and running were going to be a challenge.

Finding Joel and hiring him as my triathlon coach has been one of the best things I have ever done. First, his motto “train smarter… race faster” is absolutely true. Joel worked with me to develop basic swimming and running skills. It has been amazing how through gradual increases and a comprehensive training plan I have built a strong base in each of the three disciplines. I am still amazed that Joel coached me to recently complete a 1/2 marathon! Joel’s knowledge has been extremely helpful because he develops training plans that allow me to build my strength and then taper before a race. Without Joel’s input, I know I would overtrain and suffer injuries and I certainly would not have the fun or success that I have enjoyed during this past year. So whether you are a highly trained athlete or couch potato wanting to “get in shape” I highly recommend Joel Bell as a training coach. He is knowledgeable, and his techniques are proven – last year I placed in several triathlons!



Anthony Bream

anthony_breamWhen I started the 2006 season I began with numerous questions. The previous year had been filled with disappointment and the completion of only 1 race. A combination of over training, Zone 4 workouts every time I stepped out the door, poor nutrition and serious injuries sums up 2005. I wanted that to change for 2006 and I wanted to be able to make the most of the time that I had available to train and also get through the year without injury. My goal race was Delaware Diamondman, my first Half Ironman. The first thing Coach Joel had me do was a Lactate Threshold test – this enabled him to develop my training zones which would be used throughout the coming months. The communication, support and feedback from Coach Joel was tailored to my needs and the workouts he designed catered to my needs. Coach Joel was able to provide detailed plans for Swimming, Cycling, Running, Strength training, Core work, Nutrition and Pacing. I put my trust in Coach Joel to provide me with my training plan and he far exceeded my expectations. For anybody who has ever been in a situation where they are questioning their training and are looking for an awesome increase in performance I can highly recommend taking advantage of the skills and knowledge Coach Joel can share with you.



Dawn Cone

dawn_coneJoel has truly helped me to find the “inner athlete” in me that hadn’t fully emerged. I am finally a runner! I’ve always hated running my entire life, but a few things happened in my life early this year that made me change my outlook on running. I started out trying to run/walk to build up to running. I couldn’t r=un more than 2 minutes without having to walk 1-2 minutes, etc., etc. That was in May. Then in July I found out Joel was coaching people for triathlons, and asked if he’d be willing to coach me to be able to complete a half marathon. He said, “Sure!”I am achieving great results thanks to the well thought out & put together training plans that Joel developed specifically for me. I am not kidding when I say this has changed my life!! I started running less than a year ago and I can’t believe that I ran THREE (not one, but three!) half marathons this year. (one in Sept., Oct., & Nov.) It felt wonderful! He helped me to train smart, and I had new personal best times every time I ran one. The second one I improved by 16 minutes, and the last one I improved by another 6 ½ minutes! Joel is a wonderful coach, motivator, and friend! He truly cares about you and your fitness success. Joel, I have to thank you so very much for making such a huge difference in my life!



Bill Fults

bill_fultsBefore working with Coach Joel I spent a lot of training time with no focus, plenty of injuries and no improvement. After Joel’s review of my training and in depth questioning about race goals, and strengths and weaknesses my weekly training began to take a different direction. Over the last 3 years Joel has taken me through 3 major races, 2 Half Ironman races and Ironman Louisville. Joel’s specific training with continued emphasis on “training smarter” has ensured successful results in all races. The knowledge gained through Coach Joel’s swim, bike and run training, complimented with nutrition plans has been the key to my continued multisport improvement. Understanding the importance of specificity and training goals has made each workout enjoyable, injury free and part of the big picture for long term race success.



Rob Yamry

rob-yamryWithout Joel’s coaching expertise, I don’t think I would have had the race I did at my first Ironman – 10:16 at IMWI. Joel helped me push my abilities to the limits I didn’t know I had and break-through my limiters. Coaching by Joel made me a better, stronger and faster athlete all-around.







Dan Morrissey

dan_morrissI’d highly recommend Coach Joel to any athlete looking for improvement. He started me off with detailed plans that fit my time requirements. He adjusted them on the fly as needed. They made sense, and they worked. I was running more than ever, but never felt over-trained. Working with Joel I learned a ton about running, and consider it some of the best money I’ve spent. The PR was a nice bonus as well!!