Coaching and Performance Services

I offer a full range of coaching packages and performance services for all levels of athlete.  Feel free to contact me regarding any of the services I offer…I’m happy to discuss custom packages to suit your individual needs.

Triathlon Coaching

I offer two levels of dedicated monthly multisport coaching tailored to the individual athlete.  Let me share my knowledge and experience with you to create a custom training plan based on your needs and provide ongoing coaching support for your entire season or just that important goal race.  Regardless of the level of coaching you choose, you get personalized individual attention – no cookie-cutter training plans here – and unlimited communication directly with your coach.  Because of the level of attention that I prefer to provide, I am only accepting a limited number of athletes for dedicated multisport coaching in 2017. MORE INFORMATION

Multisport Consultation Package

Interested in professional guidance for your multisport training but not ready to take the plunge into dedicated monthly coaching?  I have developed the Multisport Consultation Package to give you the knowledge and tools you need to train smarter and more efficiently.  We start with a thorough interview to establish your personal goals, strengths/weaknesses, and individual needs.  Then I’ll work with you over a period of a few weeks to establish appropriate training zones based on HR and pace, develop a skeleton training plan and periodization schedule, and provide guidance on building your daily workouts through each phase of your training.  By the time we’re done you’ll feel confident that you have the tools required for effective self-coaching.  Base price for the Multisport Consultation Package is $250 and I’m happy to discuss customizing the package to suit your specific needs.

Custom Training Plans

Are you interested in a professionally designed custom training plan for your next race?  From 5k to the marathon, I can work with you to develop a training plan based on your specific needs that will completely prepare you to finish your first race or set a new PR.  I can also offer ongoing support to help you make it to race day.  Prices typically range from $75-$150 for complete plans including ongoing support.

Power-based Cycle Training

Are you ready to take your training and racing to the next level using power data?   Training with power allows you to quantitatively track changes in fitness and helps to identify weaknesses.  Using sophisticated analysis tools I can help you determine the most efficient and effective training strategy through a combination of power profiling and appropriate power-based training zones.  We’ll work together utilizing the best software and analysis tools in the industry to give you that edge you need to take your training and racing to the next level.  I not only have formal education in power-based training, but I also have direct hands-on experience through developing my own triathlon training program using CyclingPeaks WKO+ and multiple power meters.

Swim & Run Technique Analysis

Proper technique is an often overlooked aspect of training for the self-coached athlete.  A knowledgeable objective observer can spot flaws in your swim and run technique that may be limiting your potential or increasing your risk of injury.  Correcting these imperfections can result in “free speed” by improving your economy and efficiency.  Let me evaluate your form and get the competitive edge you’re looking for.  All evaluations include specific advice and drills to start improving your technique immediately.  Swim and Run technique analyses are each $65 for an hour session which includes your personal video cut to DVD.  Follow-up evaluations are available at discounted rates.